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Ukraine Relief

Providing Basic Necessities

At this time, Compassionate Hope workers on the ground, in harm’s way, are coordinating efforts to especially help the displaced women and children. In Moldova, tables have been set up on the Ukrainian border with water, food, and various necessities. Food bags are being provided to the churches to distribute.  Workers are helping transport numerous displaced people. Even small heaters are being put in tents where primarily women and children are standing in the cold for 12-16 hours.

Getting children to safety

Compassionate Hope has extensive work with orphanages in Ukraine, Moldova, and Romania. Dana Holt, another TBHC staff member, has worked with some Ukrainian orphanages. She continues to have contact with the orphanage workers. Dana and Joanna have coordinated the safety of many children. 100 children into Poland, 40 children into Moldova, and 50 going to stay at the orphanage in Romania where Joanna has contacts. They were prepared for 20 to come, and will now have 50 extra persons to care for.  A young pastor in Ukraine, risking his safety, has been of great help in getting these various people to borders, etc.  Joanna’s contacts in these three countries did not know each other, but they do now through their coordinated efforts to serve God and help others.


We call upon everyone to pray for this situation. Pray for children in a war zone. Many have already lived through much personal trauma and are in orphanage care.  They are finding it hard to understand being forced to stay in basements, with very little food, water, or necessities.   Compassionate Hope appreciates the many who are already giving to help.  In the last few days, Compassionate Hope has been able to send $13,000 to provide these various services.  The needs are now, today.  Not ALL can be helped, but we must help ALL we can.

Here are some ways you can support Compassionate Hope while they help displaced women and children from Ukraine during this crisis:
  • Donate below and all funds will go to Compassionate Hope for the Ukraine Relief Effort
  • Like and share posts from our social media to help spread the word.
  • Pray for everyone involved in the Ukraine Crisis

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