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Our Staff

Meet the people who keep 

our ministry energized and growing.

Jason Curry


Randy Odom

Executive Vice President

Jami Hogan

Vice President of Programs

Matthew Christian

Maintenance Director

Lisa Sinclair

Executive Business Manager

Christin Barber

Human Resources Manager

Scott Arthur

Development Supervisor

Laure Henthorn

Donor Engagement Manager

Rylee Benton

Marketing Manager

Jenna Benson

Administrative Assistant in Business

Cashlee Fox

Adoption Supervisor

Amber Mullenax

Adoption Case Manager

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Adoption Case Manager


Staci Beck

Clinical Associate

Dana Holt

Regional Director (Odessa)

Philip Johnson

Program Administrator

Sarah Vinet

Foster Care Director (Bedford)

Jannifer Grier

Foster Care Director (Waxahachie)

Heather Coe

Teen Pregnancy Care Coordinator/ Intake Supervisor (Waxahachie)


Hannah Drury

Foster Care Case Manager (Waxahachie)

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Foster Care Case Manager (Waxahachie)

Jerusha McCrary

Foster Care Case Manager (Waxahachie)

Myriah Samuel

Foster Care Case Manager (Bedford)

Rachel Kruse

Foster Care Case Manager (Bedford)


Haley Murphy

Intake Coordinator

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Intake Subcontractor

Shanda Smith-Brooks

Pre-Service Supervisor

Olivia Bentley

Family Recruiter

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Family Developer

Joanna Noggle

Records Coordinator

Randi Clark

Office Manager

Liz Bogany

Administrative Assistant (Waxahachie)

MiKayla West

Quality Control Administrative Assistant in Foster Care (Waxahachie)

Collette Jackson

Administrative Assistant in Foster Care (Bedford)

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