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Teen Pregnancy Care

We are providing two services for expecting teens:

one for teens in foster care and one that assists young parents in our communities.

TBHC hopes to promote teen parents’ education and improve teen parents’ self-sufficiency and ability to support their children.
TBHC can provide the following for any young parent:

  • Teaching positive parenting skills
  • Encouragement for teen parents to make proactive, smart decisions as they become adults
  • Provide healthy social activities and programs to bring teen parents together
  • Help young parents complete school or continue their education
  • Support youth in acquiring job skills training
  • Connect youth with community resources 
  • Making sure teen parents’ children are exposed to healthy development and growth through critical years

More than 300 pregnant teens in Foster Care across Texas.

Approximately 24,000 children born to teens in Texas. These young parents are in our communities.


Want to Volunteer or Mentor: Email [email protected]

Check out our Amazon Wishlist for updated needs.

Services for expecting or parenting teens in the community

  • Teaching positive parenting skills
  • Provide healthy social activities and programs to bring teen parents together
  • Help young parents find housing
  • Help with filling out forms for Medicaid, WIC, housing, etc.
  • Help locate reliable child care
  • Referrals for medical care, counseling and health education
  • Services specifically for fathers
Want to hear TBHC’s Teen Pregnancy Care Coordinator, Heather, share her heart and passion behind starting and leading this new mission?
Listen to our ‘Bringing Kids Home’ podcast, featuring Heather, here.

How can I help?

Helping shape the lives of young teen parents can stop the generational cycle of foster care. There are many ways that you can play a part in changing both the teen mom and the baby’s future.

Consider these questions and email us at [email protected] if you’re interested. 

Would you be willing to foster these teen mothers?

Would you donate needed baby items? We have an on-going Amazon wishlist.

Would you volunteer your time to help with doctor appointments, babysitting or other errands?

Are you willing to mentor young parents (moms or dads) in our community?

We want to be your support as well as your resource when you are looking for help.

(972) 937-1321