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Expectant Mothers

We’re here

for you.

TBHC offers special services for expectant mothers and families as they are thinking or working on their adoption plan.

  • Participate in all phases of adoption planning
  • Choose the family you want to parent your child and have an open, honest relationship with that family
  • Meet adoptive family in order to make the best decision for you and your baby
  • Know about the home and environment in which your child will be raised
  • Receive ongoing counseling and support throughout the adoption process and following the birth of your baby
  • See, hold, and spend time with your baby at birth
  • Develop a plan for ongoing information and contact with the adopting family through letters, pictures exchanges, phone calls, and visits

We Offer Expectant Families

  • Counseling and education on adoption
  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • A supportive Christian environment
  • Expectant families choose from potential adoptive parents
  • Financial and housing services for expectant mothers who are eligible
  • Legal representation and support
  • Continued assistance postpartum
  • Most importantly we offer Hope

Abba’s Heart Home

Abba’s Heart Home is a ministry of TBHC that will seek to provide housing, counseling, schooling, transportation, adoption plans, financial assistance, job counseling, and life skills for mothers who are expecting and working an adoption plan.


Am I ready to be a parent?

Taking responsibility for a child can be overwhelming. Take some time to consider these questions. They may help you determine whether you are ready to parent.


Does my partner want to have a child?


Is my partner ready to give time, energy and money to raise our child?


Is our relationship a happy and strong one?


Do I know my partner’s feelings about discipline, religion, family, child-raising, work and his/her future goals?


Will a child fit into our hopes and plans?


If my partner is unable/unwilling to parent, am I capable of raising a child by myself?

Pregnant and confused?

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