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The Merge

We hope this letter finds you well. We are excited about our new venture together to help further the work of Compassionate Hope. God has been stirring on our hearts and we have felt that the sun should never set on these ministries. From the first day it was discussed that Compassionate Hope join TBHC, it has been with joy and enthusiasm.

As we have taken each step towards integration there has been excitement in the air. Ms. Joanna and I have continued to meet together as often as possible. Each board has given their blessing. And each step of the way, each time it has been shared, has been a celebration of the ministry and its fit within TBHC’s Purpose of Glorifying God by caring for children. I see a future with challenges to reach the lost overseas, the chance to equip the workers locally, and see the opportunity to widen the ministry. As we collaborate and bring this ministry together it is my hope that we would continue the work with excellence and in time exceed the current work! We will walk ever gently but purposely towards God’s plans for His ministry.

As anyone would expect, the ministry coming under TBHC will bring change. What should you expect to change and what will remain the same, you may ask? First, let us assure you that Joanna and myself are committed to the ministry being carried out to its fullest. Its impact on kids’ lives and services to the men and women caring for them is nothing we want to see go away. TBHC will begin facilitating the communication of the ministry to you and online. We will also be handling the financial oversite effective September 1. This is as much an external necessity dictated by the way each ministry will be filing with IRS as it is an internal need for proper bookkeeping. The work will continue with Ms. Joanna at the helm. A three-year plan is in motion that would bring new staff in the future to help her run the ministry. Over the next three years, we will learn and share more new things about what changes are coming to the structure and the exciting expansion of the work of the ministry.

As many of you know, Ms. Joanna has been associated with TBHC for most of her adult life. She has held every role imagined in the modern era of the organization. She has confidence in TBHC’s existing ministry and knows the commitment on my part to grow and help the ministry thrive under its umbrella. Neither I nor Ms. Joanna has walked into this agreement lightly. The legacy of Russ and Joanna is at the heart of its future success and the model they established will have a lasting influence on the ministry’s future.

Let me remind you about an important change that must be in place. It takes all of TBHC’s current funding to support existing programs, which means that your designated gifts will be what sustains Compassionate Hope. TBHC’s existing fundraising helps care for children in foster care and continued adoption ministry. That will be changing but it will require time and new individuals catching the vision. So, it is so vital that Compassionate Hope donors, you, continue to give generously and sustain this ministry’s work. We know that transitioning is difficult but due to the IRS laws and our auditing practices effective September 1, 2022, all gifts to Compassionate Hope must be made out to TBHC or we will not be able to process them. Online banking, credit card giving as well as checks written will need to be changed. The methods of giving and examples are at the bottom of this letter. You will also find enclosed envelopes that will expedite the designated gift and contribute to the work we all love.

We want to take the time to share our hearts with you together. On September 29, we will be hosting a lunch at TBHC for you, the Compassionate Hope donors. An official invitation will be coming soon. We want to invite you to join us ready for a presentation of excitement and hope for the future. I am also filling up my calendar with preaching appointments for 2023. Before we launch all the dates to the public, Ms. Joanna and I would be honored to come and visit your church together sharing about the work of Compassionate Hope. If you have an immediate question and would like to talk with us about me preaching or attending the lunch, please contact TBHC’s office at 972-937-1321 or email [email protected].

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