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April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and TBHC wants to share some resources to learn how you can help. Texas had nearly 48,000 children in DFPS Custody last year due to some form of abuse. TBHC exists to protect the sanctity of human life, promote and preserve the family. This means in the wake of heartache for kids and whatever abuse they have faced that we are here to help them heal.

Consistent abuse or neglect builds in children a consistent destructive behavior if not treated. Children in our care are placed with families that have been therapeutically trained and have gone through a rigorous standard process because of the type of experiences our children have gone through. Each child receives a Service Plan unique to who they are, what they have gone through, and how they are expressing themselves in the home environment. This is why we are here! To protect children and help them heal after trauma. We are making a difference and so can you.

What exactly is happening when children play?

Therapeutic play is one of the best hopes for kids of trauma. Researchers have found children of trauma and neglect look younger than they actually are, have less developed motor skills, and have less activity in the brain.

There are many instructive articles and materials on the subject, one called the Healing Power of Play: Working with Abused Children reminds us that it is not just about playing with things like a ball, but the social interaction with another human being. So, when a child is able to play, they are implementing language skills, problem-solving, social structures, and teamwork. You get the picture. We want to cultivate children into incredible adults, who know they are valued and want to leave a legacy of their own. That means building a playground, basketball court, or a place that inspires fun.

TBHC’s staff love seeing children play because a child that can play can also heal.

Thank you for the contributions and the continued prayers for your ministry. It will not surprise you to know TBHC is in need right now. Gifts of any amount are helping us continue to care for children from dark places. If you would like more information on child abuse prevention check out these websites.

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