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Crowd fundraising can be an exciting event for our partners, supporters, and even our clients. My wife, Tonya, and I asked our son, Brandon, a few years ago, if he would like to create a page and ask people to give.  He said “no” at first, and after a little probing, he said that he didn’t think people would give. We got past that, and once he saw the response from people just on Facebook who were giving, he was excited to be a part.

I spoke to Brandon and Tonya recently about why they were participating in TBHC’s crowd fundraising platform of NTGD. Brandon shared that it impressed him each year that people would give. And went on to talk about how people should “do it; because it’s not a lot of work, and it helps kids live more comfortably while in care.” I appreciated everything we talked about, always proud of how much my, soon to be 15-year-old son understands about the world. When I asked him about what he thought about giving to TBHC, he said that “people need to have compassion for kids. If you can’t give money right now, you can give time and create this simple page once a year.”

Tonya talked about what she did to help promote the crowd page. “Once Brandon sets up his page, I can simply share the progress throughout the day with friends and family using our social networks.” Asking people to celebrate Brandon’s progress and show where he is still short on his goal is important. My family doesn’t do fundraising for TBHC except for this event each year. This event is their small way of participating in the ministry of TBHC. Tonya’s last comment about all this was we do it because “it’s important that people know that it’s not just about food and housing; its helping make life better for kids.”

If you can help with TBHC’s crowd fundraising this year with NTGD, we need you. As my son said, “it’s not a lot of work,” and if giving money is hard, perhaps you can create a page and help kids from hard places with just a few minutes of work.  Maybe right now, you are stuck at home, hoping all the craziness of the world will end. Kids in foster care are simply hoping they can go home. What that means for some of our kids are returning to biological family, being adopted, or reunited with siblings. They want what we all want—a place to call home. Help us as we care for them in the most informative stage of their lives and help them reach the future with hope. Thanks for helping bring kids home.

Here is the link to create your very own fundraising page for TBHC kids!

North Texas Giving Day is September 17th and giving starts September 1st.


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