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TBHC Foster Care and Adoption is releasing a podcast called “Bringing Kids Home.” It is a monthly show that tells stories of adoption and foster care. We are hopeful that while sharing stories of foster families, adoption families, and kids, this platform will continue to get the word out so more people know how to support children in need.

Each episode is unique and special. Here is a couple of sneak previews of the first two episodes. Our first Episode is Norita’s journey as she tells us about being adopted and the power of God to heal through some difficult circumstances. Episode 2, coming out in February, is Turner’s story of how the family is brought together by God no matter how they are born into this world.

You will not want to miss these stories of hope and joy and how anyone, including you, can be a part of helping bring kids home.

Subscribe so you don’t miss any of our episodes, which will launch each month starting January 2021 on the 3rd Monday. TBHC podcast is on these different platforms; Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, and Stitcher.

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