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2020 at TBHC

By December 28, 2020No Comments


What a year we have had at TBHC. Through it all, one thing is constant; the Lord cares for His children.


At the beginning of 2020, TBHC was well into working on our 5-year plan. TBHC had many plans for the next 5 years, but one of the main ones was caring for 2000 kids by 2024.

We had no idea what this pandemic would mean to the kids that come into foster care. CPS’s role is to remove kids that need to be in foster care and places them into agencies like TBHC.  There were fewer removals during the beginning of the pandemic.  This had to do with kids not being seen in their normal activities like school and daycare. Teachers and daycares are some of the most important people in a kid’s life when there is a need for them to be in foster care. They see these kids every day and know when a problem arises.

At TBHC, we work every day to provide the best homes possible for the kids needing foster care. We continued to find new ways to work with new families and provide care for our current foster homes. Many changes happened due to COVID. Looking back, we are grateful to have the staff and support from our donors as we went through these changes.

Christmas was a time of the hope at TBHC. Our parties and celebrations may have looked different, but we all could focus on the kids and the families, which is our main goal always at TBHC. We cared for over 250 kids through foster care this year, witnessed and helped complete 20 adoptions, as well as saw kids come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Thank you for caring for this ministry. These kids are cared for and loved, and a big part of that is the prayers and monetary giving to TBHC provided by you, the donor and supporter.


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