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You do not have to be an adoptive family to participate in National Adoption Month.  This month is meant to bring awareness to adoption, and we want you to do just that.  So here are a few ways you can get involved.


  • Pray

Pray for our kids and families going through adoption right now. This is a special but sometimes scary time of transition, and we want people praying over each of them as they start their new forever family.

  • Give

Want to help kids in foster care and adoption? Giving is a great way to do that. Giving your time or your donations where it’s needed most supports our families and kids. Visit our donation page here to learn more about different giving opportunities.

  • Be There

Sometimes new adoption families need to know that you are there. When families go through adoption, this a new season in their lives. Kids are adjusting to their new normal. It can be exciting, but change can be hard. Check-in with them, take them meals, hang out with them, or offer nice text messages or phone calls, so they know they have people there for them.

  • Encourage

Adoption is awesome. Encourage families that you know who are going through adoption by sending them a note or telling them they are doing a great job. We know that kids change families’ lives every day for the better, and we need more families. So be encouraging when families are thinking about adoption or are going through an adoption.

  • Learn

Adoption is a big world. We are here for you. Learn more about adoption in this helpful blog. If you are a family thinking about adoption or have family members adopting, learn along with them. This is such a great thing to do to understand what kids experience when they get adopted. Also, what families go through as they are adopting.


For more information, email our recruiters here. They are happy to answer any of your questions!

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