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In recent years, there has been a major change in time with family and establishing a connection. There are many factors that contribute to this, technology, two working-parent households, economic changes, and countless other aspects. These changes have caused family connections to be more difficult to obtain and limits enriching connections with time together. Numerous studies have shown the positive aspects of connection to development, social ability, emotional regulation, and overall enjoyment of life.

The day after Thanksgiving has traditionally been a day when people either take time to rest from the feast they had the day before or go to various shops to get gifts at a great deal for the upcoming Christmas season. What if, instead, we took the time to spend time with our families, who likely have time off, promoting connection? That is the foundation of why the National Day of Listening is being encouraged.

There are so many ways to promote connection, and many of them will only take a small portion of your time but will make a tremendous impact. Conversations, family activities, and time spent together can all be utilized in different ways to promote connection.

If you are struggling to find something to do with your family, there are resources all over that can give you ideas, but to help, here are a few things to try:



Cook a meal or bake something together, this will also help teach life skills.



Play a board game or card game. This encourages problem-solving skills!



Share stories. This can help with conversation skills and help you learn more about your family that you may not have known.



Go bowling or play mini golf. Bonding can also happen outside the home and will create memories that kids will cherish.



Read together. This helps with development and will allow you and your kids to experience new ideas through stories.

If none of the above activities sound like something you are willing to participate in, there are always other ones that will suit your family and your lifestyle. The important part is being intentional to spend time away from the day-to-day stress and distractions and take time to love and cherish your family.

Let’s make memories!

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